Monday, 29 September 2008


I realised that most of my background reading has been about the genre of sci-fi and not about the western - and as Firefly brings the two together I thought that I ought to correct that oversight.

So, yesterday I read 'Clint Eastwood Westerns: Promised Land and Real Men' by Peter Francis in Christianson, E.S., Francis, P & Telford, W.R., Cinema Divinite, (London: SCM Press, 2005) pp 182-198.

I have to confess to being woefully ignorant of this particular genre. However, Francis' description of the preacher in Pale Rider made me wonder what other preachers there are in westerns - and how they compare/contrast with Shepherd Book?

Can anyone help me here?

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sumner carter said...

i have printed out your dissertation. i look forward to reading it. thank you.

sumner carter