Sunday, 30 November 2008


In the episode ‘Objects in Space’ River hears the thoughts of the other folk on board Serenity.

Uncharacteristically Shepherd Book fiercely looks at River and thinks: ‘I don’t give half a hump if you’re innocent or not! So where does that put you?’

What does that mean?

Also, what is the significance of the name ‘Book’ for the character for whom the Bible is so important?

And is it just coincidence that the names ‘River’ and ‘Reaver’ (both victims of the Alliance) are so similar?


Anonymous said...

I wondered about that, but notice that prior, he is looking in her direction and laughing, but when we go 'river mode' he is no longer looking at her but rather straight ahead and is upset.

I really think his anger is directed towards himself for something he feels responsible for even though he knows he didn't cause it.

Julie said...

Thanks for your comment - that makes a lot of sense.

Here's another possible theory - if it is the case that he was an Operative prior to becoming a Shepherd then maybe it was something he said then to someone else who was running away from the Alliance. Something that he now regrets and that led to his 'conversion'/decision to become a Shepherd.