Saturday, 17 January 2009


Other things that have fascinated me as I've alternated reading books about Firefly with theological/emerging church/spirituality texts are:

Thinking about 'Earth-that-was' (which had to be left behind) alongside inherited church or 'the-church-as-it-has-been' to quote John Pritchard (page 131 in 'The Life and Work of a Priest'.)

The way in which Whedon's version of the future incorporates ideas and images from so many different cultures and time periods alongside the 'ancient-future' nature of the emerging church.

River's words to Shepherd Book: 'Just keep on walking Preacher Man!' alongside Austin Farrer's image of the priest as a 'walking sacrament' (quoted in Pritchard, J, The Life and Work of a Priest, (London: SPCK, 2007) p.86.

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