Thursday, 12 February 2009


Just musing - I got a real buzz out of writing 'The Myth of Serenity' (see my last post) and discovering how the story related to the experiences of biblical characters and stumbling over key words that seemed so appropriate - lost, save, independence. Then, when I posted it and read it back I was quite odd - I'm trying to work out why.

Joss Whedon, as an atheist, writes a script for a Christian who finds meaning in his faith. I, as a Christian, write a script for an atheist coming to terms with the belief that there is no God. But was I really putting myself into the shoes of an atheist? Only to a certain extent because I see Mal's original faith as immature and misplaced and I see his atheism as transitional. Mmmh - that sounds like I'm feeling superior to him, which I don't want and which is probably why I'm feeling odd.

It could also be because I don't know if I'm ready for the question, 'What did you do your dissertation on?' 'Oh, I wrote a story about how there is no God.'

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